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And Then There Were None PDF is one of Christie’s best-selling novels; it has been translated into 70 languages, and with sales of more than 100 million copies is one of the best-selling books of all time. The novel was adapted into a successful play and film in 1945.

Information About And Then There Were None PDF

Book Name And Then There Were None PDF
Written By Agatha Christie
Published Date 6 November 1939
Page Count 295 Pages
Download Size 2 MB
Downloads 35,242 Downloads

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Review of And Then There Were None PDF

And Then There Were None PDF is a classic mystery novel by British writer Agatha Christie, first published in the United Kingdom by William Collins & Sons on 6 November 1939, as Ten Little Niggers. The US edition was published in early 1940 under the title of And Then There Were None.

The book is one of Christie’s most famous works, and it is regularly featured on lists of the best works of all time, such as The Big Read and World’s Best Literature. It also appeared at number 15 on Goodreads’ list “Top 100 Mystery Books”.

The book is based on an island called “Soldier Island” (also known as “Snake Island”) off the coast of Devon in England. It opens with ten people being invited to Soldier Island by a host called Mr Owen (the name he uses) for one week.

They are all guilty of murder or other crimes and are thus facing the death penalty if caught by the police. The guests arrive at Soldier Island via a boat owned by Mr Owen; however, when they arrive, they find that he has been murdered and their host is now dead. Furthermore, there are no means for leaving the island as all boats have been removed from the island – except for one small dinghy which is now full of rocks and cannot float.

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What is the size of And Then There Were None PDF?

The size of the book is about 2 MB.

Is it possible to get a free copy of And Then There Were None PDF?

No, we do not provide any free download of this book. You have to pay for it if you want to download a copy for yourself or your friend or family member.

Can I download And Then There Were None PDF on my mobile device (Android, iOS)?

Yes, you can download the eBooks on your Android phone or iPhone by using Kindle app and read them anytime you want in your mobile device’s screen size as well as format where you want with ease and comfort.

What are the requirements for downloading And Then There Were None PDF?

You need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to read this book. You can also read And Then There Were None PDF using iBooks, Nook or Kindle Fire.

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