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Information About Wide Sargasso Sea Book

Book Name Wide Sargasso Sea
Written By Jean Rhys
Published Date 1966
Page Count 236 Pages
Download Size 89 MB
Downloads 20,142 Downloads

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Summary of Wide Sargasso Sea PDF

Wide Sargasso Sea PDF is one of the best book available. It is written by Jean Rhys and published in 1966. This book is about a young girl who was taken away from her native home and brought to England in the early 19th century. She was forced to live with her husband, who treated her badly because she was not able to give birth to a child.

This book has won many awards and has been translated into many languages including French, German and Spanish. There are many critics who have praised this book as one of the best books ever written by Jean Rhys.

Interesting thing about this book is that, the story is based on Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre novel which was published in 1847. The writer used this novel as an inspiration for his own writings and created this story which focuses on Antoinette Cosway who was taken away from her native country Jamaica to England. Where she was forced to marry Rochester, who later dies leaving Antoinette alone in England without any friends or family members.

You know what, I personally loved reading this book because it gave me a different perspective on their relationship which was something new for me since I have read Jane Eyre many times already. So I wouldn’t recommend this book if you’re looking for something new but if you want to explore another side of Jean Rhys’ writing then go ahead.

Common FAQs About Wide Sargasso Sea PDF

What is Wide Sargasso Sea PDF?

Wide Sargasso Sea is a novel by Jean Rhys. It was published in 1966 after she had written it in 1966. It is a prequel to the famous novel Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Bronte. The book is about Antoinette Cosway and her life before she became a governess at Thornfield Hall.

Who wrote Wide Sargasso Sea Book PDF?

Jean Rhys was an award-winning British author who penned down Wide Sargasso Sea PDF in 1966. She was born in 1914 and died in 1979 at age 65 due to breast cancer. Her other works include Quartet (1966), Good Morning Midnight (1939), Voyage in the Dark (1934) and After Leaving Mr Mackenzie (1979). Her books were adapted into films like Quartet (1982) starring Vanessa Redgrave and The Heart Has Its Reasons (1997) starring Greta Scacchi.

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