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Children of Blood and Bone PDF is an epic fantasy novel written by Tomi Adeyemi, published on March 6, 2018 by Henry Holt and Co. The book is set in a fictional world where magic has been banned and its users killed. The main character, Zélie Adebola, discovers she has magical powers and is determined to restore magic to the land.

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Book Name Children of Blood And Bone PDF
Written By Tomi Adeyemi
Published Date 2018
Page Count 84 Pages
Download Size 2.39 MB
Downloads 43, 490 Downloads

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Review of Children of Blood and Bone PDF by Tomi Adeyemi

Children of Blood and Bone is a novel by Tomi Adeyemi. The book was released on March 6, 2018 by Henry Holt and Co. The book tells the story of Zollie Areola, a young girl who lost her mother at a very young age and lives with her father. Her father is a fisherman who wants nothing more than to see his daughter become the next emperor of their land.

Zollie’s life changes when she accidentally summons a magic that she didn’t know existed and discovers that she has become an Odisha, or spirit god. This discovery leads her on a quest to return magic to her people and save them from the tyranny of their king and queen.

The book follows Zélie as she goes on this quest with two other characters: Amari, another Orisha who helps Zélie along her journey, and Prince Inan, who was once one of Zélie’s childhood friends but has since become one of the king’s most trusted advisors.

I really liked reading this book because it had such great world building and character development. I found myself getting very attached to each character and really rooting for them all throughout the story! There were also some really great twists and turns in.

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FAQs of Children of Blood and Bone PDF

What is the book about?

This book is a fantasy story that follows the journey of Zélie, a teen who finds out she has powers after her village is killed by monsters. She joins the resistance to fight back against the monarchy and save the world from magic.

What are the characters in the book?

The main character is Zélie. She was born with magic, but it was taken away from her when she was little. As an adult, she wants to get her magic back so she can protect her family and friends at any cost.

Who is the authors of this book?

The author is Tomi Adeyemi and she is a Nigerian-American novelist, short story writer and poet. She was born on 26th October 1994 in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria. She went to high school at The International School Ibadan and graduated from Stanford University in 2018 with a major in African studies and creative writing (bachelor’s degree). She currently lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband Adam Reed Tucker.

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