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The Cruel Prince PDF is the first book in a Young Adult fantasy series by Holly Black. The story follows Jude, a teenage faerie who was raised in the mortal world and only recently returned to faerie. Jude has been promised to marry Prince Cardan, who is known for his cruelty and violence. As she struggles to adapt to her new life, she also finds herself drawn into intrigue and politics.

Information About The Cruel Prince PDF

Book Name The Cruel Prince PDF
Written By Holly Black
Published Date 2 January 2018
Page Count 370 pages
Download Size  3 MB
Downloads 50,276 Downloads

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Review of The Cruel Prince PDF

I read The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. I would give this book five out of five stars because it was an amazing book. The main character of the story is Jude, who is a faerie princess living in a world where faeries are not allowed to be treated as humans.

They are forced to live in the palace and only allowed to go out if they have permission from their parents. Jude has always been treated like an outsider because she doesn’t fit in with anyone at school or at home. She doesn’t have many friends and her family only cares about making themselves look good and being rich.

Jude meets new friends when she starts school, but things change when she realizes that everyone has secrets that they don’t want anyone else to know about. It turns out that her new friends aren’t as nice as they seem and Jude finds herself caught up in a world of danger, betrayal, secrets and lies.

I would recommend this book for teens 13+ because there is some mild language and violence, but nothing too graphic or disturbing for young readers (there aren’t any sex scenes or anything like that). If you enjoy fantasy novels then this one is perfect for you.

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Can I read this book on my Mac or PC?

Yes, you can read The Cruel Prince PDF on any of these devices: Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones and Kindle e-readers.

Where can I find The Cruel Prince PDF?

You can download the book from our website using the download link given above.

Is this book free?

Yes, it is absolutely free for all our visitors.

How many pages are there in this book?

There are approximately 370 pages in this book.

Where can I buy this book from?

You can get the printed version of this book from Amazon and other retailers online. If you want to read online, then visit our website and download it from here for free.

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