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All the Birds in the Sky PDF is about two children who meet and become best friends when they are young. Patricia (Pat) is a witch who can do magic and Laurence (Larry) has just been diagnosed with autism. They spend their childhood together, eventually going off to college and becoming adults. As adults, their lives take very different paths, but they never lose touch with one another.

I liked Pat’s story more than Larry’s. I thought she had more depth than him and her story felt more realistic (as much as anything in this book can be considered realistic). This book is written from both characters’ points of view and switches between them every few pages or so, depending on what they’re doing at that moment in time.

Information About All the Birds in the Sky PDF

Book Name All the Birds in the Sky PDF
Written By Charlie Jane Anders
Published Date January 26, 2016
Page Count 306 Pages
Download Size 1.7 MB
Downloads 37,047 Downloads

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Review of All the Birds In the Sky PDF

Charlie Jane Anders is an American writer, editor, and science and technology journalist. She is the author of All the Birds in the Sky, released by Tor Books in January 2016.

It’s a novel that doesn’t easily fit into any genre, and it has many different elements to it. The book has a fantasy aspect, but it also deals heavily with science fiction and technology, as well as social issues like climate change and racism.

The story follows Patricia Delfine and Laurence Armstead, two young people who live on Earth but have very different backgrounds. Patricia is a witch who can control the weather and levitate objects, while Laurence is an engineer who builds robots to help him with tasks around his house. Their paths cross when they meet at school and discover that they both have powers they were unaware of; Patricia can communicate with animals while Laurence has telekinetic abilities.

They become friends despite their differences, but soon after graduation they find themselves living in different parts of America: Patricia goes to work for NASA while Laurence moves back home to California after his father becomes ill. Several years pass before they see each other again; Laurence travels all over the world building machines for various countries while Patricia stays in California working on her research project until she decides to resign from her job after learning that.

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FAQs of All The Birds In The Sky PDF

If I like this book, do you have any other books by Charlie Jane Anders?

Yes, we do! You can use our search tool to look for any book you want by any author.

How long is All the Birds In The Sky?

It’s about 306 pages.

Is it a Young Adult novel?

Yes, but it’s not for kids. It’s for smart adults who like good science fiction stories and don’t mind a little magic. And I have to say that the magic in this book is pretty tame. It’s not Harry Potter or anything like that. It’s just sort of a minor thing that happens at the beginning of the book and then disappears for most of the book. So if you’re looking for a story with lots of magic in it, this isn’t your book.

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