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Daisy Jones And The Six PDF is a 2019 novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid. It’s about a fictional band and their rise to fame in the 1970s. Daisy Jones And The Six was released on May 14th, 2019 by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. This is Taylor Jenkins Reid’s third book and second novel.

She is also known for her first work of fiction, Before We Were Strangers (2016). Daisy Jones And The Six follows Daisy Jones, a young singer-songwriter who meets Billy Dunne (aka Billy Talent), a drummer from Manchester, England on a plane flight from America to London in 1972.

While Billy Talent has no interest in being a rock star, Daisy Jones has been waiting for this moment since she was six years old. However, it will take both of them years before they finally find success as musicians.

Information About Daisy Jones And The Six PDF

Book Name Daisy Jones And The Six PDF
Written By Taylor Jenkins
Published Date
Page Count 329 Pages
Download Size 1.31 MB
Downloads 40,170 Downloads

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Review of Daisy Jones And The Six PDF

Daisy Jones And The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid is a book that I was very excited to read. It has been getting a lot of hype lately, and my favorite author, Roxane Gay, highly recommended it on social media. It’s also been optioned for a TV series, which means I will probably watch it someday.

Daisy Jones And The Six is the story of three rock stars who meet in high school, form a band together (called Daisy Jones And The Six), and then become famous with their hit song “Boys Who Sing”. This book follows the band through their rise to fame and all the drama that goes along with it.

I really enjoyed this book! I thought it was funny, emotional and well-written. Daisy Jones And The Six is told from multiple perspectives — Daisy’s husband Billy Dunne, who was in a band with Daisy in high school; Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac; and Tom Petty from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers — and each character has his or her own unique voice. I found myself laughing out loud at some parts because they were so funny or sad at other parts because they were so heartbreaking.


Common FAQs of Daisy Jones And The Six PDF

Can I download Daisy Jones And The Six PDF?

Yes, you can. The e-book can be downloaded from our website. You can also read it on your Kindle device, iPhone, iPad and other devices.

Is there any chance of another season?

Right now, I think we’re pretty happy with where we ended up with this first season and how it ends. We really felt like it was time for us to move on from Daisy Jones And The Six because there are so many other things we want to explore and tell stories about in this world that we created over the past decade. Hopefully people will enjoy reading the book.

What is Daisy Jones and the Six about?

Daisy Jones and the Six is a fictional rock band chronicled in a novel written by Taylor Jenkins Reid. It follows the rise of the band, their struggles and their fall.

Who wrote Daisy Jones And The Six?

Taylor Jenkins Reid wrote Daisy Jones and the Six, which was published by Simon & Schuster in 2018.

When did Daisy Jones And The Six come out?

Daisy Jones And The Six came out on 3rd December 2018 in paperback form but can be read online as well.

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