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Punk 57 PDF is a book by Penelope Douglas, who is a well-known writer of young adult fiction. The book was released in the year 2019 and it has been well-received by the readers from here.

Information About Punk 57 PDF Book

Book Name Punk 57 PDF
Written By Penelope Douglas
Published Date 1999
Page Count 341 Pages
Download Size 2 MB
Downloads 35,587 Downloads

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Review of Punk 57 PDF

The story of the book revolves around two main characters, Addison and Knox. They are both working as interns at Gersh Agency. Addison is a girl who wants to make her own name in the industry and Knox is a rock star who is famous for his music.

They meet each other at an event and their relationship starts from there. However, their relationship becomes complicated when they start getting closer to each other. Their relationship turns into love but they do not want to admit it because of their own reasons.

The main conflict of this story occurs when they both realize that they love each other but they cannot be together because of their pasts which revolve around each other’s families and friends who do not support them being together because of various reasons such as age difference or religion differences etc.

Allie seemed to be living the perfect life until one night she gets in an accident that changes everything. She wakes up in the hospital with memory loss and no idea what happened that night or why she left her job to become an escort.

She meets Drew who happens to be her boss at The Castle where she works now as an escort for hire. He’s gorgeous but seems like he has an agenda because he wants her to spend time with his brother who just got out of prison for murder. Can these two find love despite their pasts?

Common FAQs About Punk 57 PDF

What is Punk 57 PDF?

Punk 57 PDF is a book that was written by Penelope Douglas. This book contains all the answers to the questions you might have on your mind while reading the book. It also contains some interesting facts about this book and its characters. This is a great way to know more about the author, story line and other aspects related to the book.

What language do I need to read this book in?

You can read this book in any language as it comes in different languages as well as dialects such as: English, French and Spanish etc. However, if you want to know about any other language then there are various websites available where you can search for it. Also, if you don’t find your preferred language listed on these websites then you can always ask them if they have any other version available.

How many pages does Punk 57 have?

This book has 341 pages in total with additional content at the end of the book.

Is Misha a boy or girl in Punk 57?

Actually Misha is male and Ryen is female in the novel Punk 57. You can download and read the complete novel for free.

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