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Heart Bones PDF is a story about two people overcoming their demons. It is a book about pain, trauma, and healing. It is also a book about love, friendship, and family. This story follows Sydney and Ridge as they find themselves in the midst of their own personal battles. Sydney has been dealing with panic attacks for years and Ridge has been fighting his own demons since he was a child.

Information About Heart Bones PDF

Book Name Heart Bones PDF
Written By Colleen Hoover
Published Date
Page Count 336 Pages
Download Size 1.3 MB
Downloads 21,230 Downloads

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Review of Heart Bones PDF by Colleen Hoover

A few months ago, I read another novel by Colleen Hoover. It was a book called Confess and it was amazing. It took me a while to get my hands on this one because it’s not available in the Philippines yet but when I did, I was so excited to read it.

Heart Bones is about a girl named Harper who had a traumatic childhood. She grew up with her dad who was an alcoholic and had no mother figure in their lives. She thought she could escape from her past by moving to Portland with her boyfriend and becoming an artist but when she gets sick, her world falls apart and she has no choice but to go back home to Texas.

The story follows Harper’s journey as she tries to heal herself from the past and find happiness again in life. The book also focuses on different people around Harper who bring light into her life during dark times like Beckett, a boy who helps Harper find happiness again; Charlie, Harper’s best friend who helps her find love again; and Lincoln, the man who saved her life when she needed help most.

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General FAQs of Heart Bones PDF by Colleen Hoover

Is this book appropriate for my child?

Yes, but with some caution. There are some swear words and sexual situations, but nothing graphic or explicit.

How long is the book?

Heart Bones is approximately 336 pages long in ebook format.

What are the formats available?

The ebook version is available in all major formats including PDF and EPub (for Nook, Sony Reader, etc.). From our website you can download it in PDF format.

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