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It Ends With Us PDF book starts with a prologue of an incident in the past, where we see how two people meet and fall in love. The rest of the book is about how this couple falls apart due to some personal issues and secrets that they keep from each other.

Information About It Ends With Us PDF

Book Name It Ends With Us PDF
Written By Colleen Hoover
Published Date 2 August 2016
Page Count 384 Pages
Download Size  6.2 MB
Downloads 90,874 Downloads

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Review of It Ends With Us PDF

It Ends With Us is a work of fiction written by Colleen Hoover. The book is about abuse and how it affects the lives of those who are abused. The main character, Lily, suffers from abuse at the hands of her father and boyfriend. She tries to deal with it on her own but when she finally finds the courage to leave her abusive boyfriend, he finds her and threatens her life.

In order to protect herself from him (and from anyone else who might harm her), she decides to move away from everything she knows and loves. The book starts off with a prologue which tells us about Lily’s past and why she moved away from home. It also sets up some key events that will occur later in the story like the setting fire incident that happens between Lily and her father when she was younger.

This prologue helps establish some context for the rest of the novel so that we know what happened before we start reading about what happens after Lily leaves home for good. It also helps build tension so that we want to know more about why Lily left home in the first place and what happened as a result of this decision.


Common FAQs of It Ends With Us PDF

I am having issues downloading It Ends With Us PDF. How to solve it?

The most common reason for this is that your internet connection is not fast enough to download the book in one go. The file size of It Ends With Us PDF is more than 3GB and it may take a while to download if you don’t have a good connection.

Is It Ends With Us PDF free?

Yes, you can download It Ends With Us PDF free of charge and read it free of charge.

Is there a sequel to It Ends With Us?

No, there is no sequel to this book yet. However, Colleen Hoover has hinted that she might write one in the future.

What is the genre of It Ends With Us?

It Ends With Us is a romance novel which falls under the category of New Adult Romance and Contemporary Women’s Fiction.

2.4/5 - (9 votes)

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