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The Purpose Driven Life PDF is a life of meaning, purpose and passion. It’s a life of joy, abundance and love. It’s a life where you don’t have to earn a living, but instead simply live to serve others. Rick Warren wrote The Purpose Driven Life in 1998. Since then he has been used as an inspirational speaker, author and spiritual guide by millions of people around the world.

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Book Name The Purpose Driven Life PDF
Written By Rick Warren
Published Date
Page Count 209 Pages
Download Size 1.77 MB
Downloads 47,770 Downloads

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Review of The Purpose Driven Life PDF

I have read this book three times and it was one of my favorite books. You know what, I read it in the Bible and then I read it again when I was going through divorce and then I read it a third time when I was going through some rough times.

I really enjoyed this book because it’s a very easy read. You can sit down with your coffee and just enjoy reading the book without having to force yourself to understand everything that is being said.

Some people say that it’s not an easy read but I disagree, because Rick Warren does a good job of explaining what he means by each chapter and how he wants us to understand each chapter.

I also really liked how Rick Warren used stories from his own life to tell us about what he believes in this book, which makes it more personal for me as well as easier to relate to other people who are going through similar things as me at that time in my life.

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Common FAQs of The Purpose Driven Life

What is the Purpose Driven Life?

The Purpose Driven Life is a book by Rick Warren. It is the most popular non-fiction book in the world, with over 17 million copies sold.

Who wrote The Purpose Driven Life?

Rick Warren wrote it. He is a pastor and author who founded Saddleback Church, a megachurch in Southern California.

How many people read The Purpose Driven Life?

More than 17 million people have read this book, making it one of the best selling books of all time.

Who are some examples of people who do not know Jesus?

Some examples of people who do not know Jesus include atheists, agnostics, Buddhists and Hindus who deny God’s existence or fail to accept him as their personal Lord and Savior.”

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