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Information About The Umbrella PDF

Book Name The Blue Umbrella
Written By Ruskin Bond
Published Date January 1, 2018
Page Count 23 Pages
Download Size 23 KB
Downloads 60,120 Downloads

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About The Blue Umbrella PDF

The Blue Umbrella is a beautiful and heartwarming book. It shows the true nature of friendship, and that even though we may be different from another person, we are still friends.

The story starts off with a little girl named Satsuki and her friend, Totoro. They live in an old house with their mother who is always busy working. One day while Satsuki was playing in the yard she saw a blue umbrella fall from the sky with no one around it.

She picked up the umbrella and took it inside for safe keeping. The next day when she went outside to play again she found another blue umbrella on the ground, but this one had a note attached to it. This note said “You can take me home.” Satsuki wanted to know who left these umbrellas but she couldn’t find out so she decided to keep them until they were ready to come back home themselves.

Soon after this strange incident happened, her mother bought her a new red umbrella that looked exactly like those two blue ones had been before they disappeared into thin air. One day Satsuki wanted to go play with some friends at their house but because of rain they couldn’t go outside so instead they played inside their house which was full of toys.

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