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Red Rising PDF is a science fiction novel written by Pierce Brown. It is the first book in the Red Rising trilogy, which also includes Golden Son and Morning Star. The series is set on a fictional planet called Mars where a great deal of human civilization has been forced to move due to a global warming epidemic. The story follows Darrow, a lowborn miner on Mars who gets caught up in a revolution against the ruling class.

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Book Name Red Rising PDF
Written By Pierce Brown
Published Date
Page Count 354 Pages
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The book Red Rising by Pierce Brown is a science fiction novel. The story follows the life of a low-born miner named Darrow, who is sent to Mars to work in the mines. After being betrayed by those closest to him, he becomes a leader among the Red miners and starts a revolution against the governing Golds.

The book is set in a future where humanity has expanded across the solar system, settled on several planets, and split into two groups: Earthier and Martians. The Golds are descendants of both groups and rule over everyone else as overlords.

The Reds are common people who live in poverty in the mines of Mars, while the Silvers are wealthy merchants who trade with Earth. Darrow is a Red who works in one of these mines when his world comes crashing down around him after his wife dies during childbirth at age sixteen.

Darrow’s life changes forever when he sees an opportunity for revenge against those who destroyed his family and betrayed him by joining an illegal faction that aims to overthrow their government and take control of Mars’ resources for themselves. He becomes an underground rebel known as Reaper due to his ruthlessness during battle, but little does he know that this act will lead him down.

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Who wrote Red Rising?

Pierce Brown is the author of Red Rising. He was born in 1986 and grew up in Los Angeles, California. He graduated from Cal State University Northridge with a degree in journalism. He later went on to work as a freelance reporter before becoming an assistant editor at Dynamite Entertainment, where he still works today. His first book, Red Rising, was published in 2014 by Del Rey Books and became an immediate bestseller. He followed this up with Golden Son (2015), The Dark Age (2016), Morning Star (2017), Iron Gold (2018) and War Cry (2019).

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