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The Defining Decade PDF is a book about the last forty years of American politics. It covers everything from Watergate, Vietnam and Nixon to Reagan and Clinton. The author, Meg Jay, is an award-winning journalist who has written for The Washington Post, Rolling Stone and Newsweek.

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Book Name The Defining Decade
Written By Mega Jay
Published Date  2012
Page Count 196 Pages
Download Size 1 MB
Downloads 23,770 Downloads

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Review of The Defining Decade PDF by Meg Jay

The Defining Decade is a book about the forces driving our society, and how they will shape it in the next decade.

The book is written by Meg Jay, an award-winning journalist and author. Her writing style is engaging and accessible, and she has a gift for making complex subjects easy to understand.

The book starts with a quick overview of the past decade, which showed us that economic growth was no longer enough to create prosperity for all people. It also showed that we needed to rethink what it meant to be part of society or to have a community.

Jay goes on to describe how these changes will play out over the next ten years. Themes include diversity, urbanization, environmental challenges, global interdependence, digital technology and political change.

She covers these topics with stories from people who are affected by them directly. She also includes a chapter on how each of these themes can be seen through the lens of history — as well as how they may evolve over time. This makes reading this book not only interesting but also fun.

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Common FAQs of The Defining Decade PDF

What is the Defining Decade?

The Defining Decade is a 10-year period that begins with the year you turn 12 and ends with the year you turn 20. The book shows you how to achieve your goals and meet your dreams as a result of having a plan, setting goals and keeping your eyes on the prize.

Why did Meg Jay write this book?

I created The Defining Decade because I want you to know how powerful it can be to set aside time each day for your highest priorities. If you do, I guarantee that those activities will take over your life, creating an environment in which you can fully succeed at whatever activities are most important to you.

s this book fiction or nonfiction?

It’s mostly nonfiction because it’s just a history book but there’s some fictional elements in it too (like the characters and their stories). But mostly nonfiction because that’s what I know best!

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