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Things Fall APart PDF by Chinua Achebe is a novel that narrates the life of Okonkwo, a strong man. The story begins with his birth and ends with his death. The author draws the reader into the life of this man through his many experiences, successes, failures and tragedies.

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Book Name Things Fall APart Book PDF
Written By Chinua Achebe
Published Date March 21st, 2013
Page Count 222 Pages
Download Size  2 MB
Downloads 140,874 Downloads

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Things Fall APart Book PDF Chinua Achebe is a story about Okonkwo, a rich man and respected member of his tribe. He was the best wrestler, farmer and warrior in all of Nigeria. He has many wives and many children.

The book starts off with his son Nwoye who was studying in the village school at the beginning of the book. His father wanted him to be a farmer just like him so he took Nwoye to work on the farm with him every day after school. But Nwoye had different plans for himself, he wanted to become a Christian priest when he grew up and study at university like his friend Ezinma.

One day while working on his farm he found an Englishman named Mr. Brown who had come to their village because they were having problems with their crops not growing properly and some of them died too early to harvest them before they could eat them or sell them for money.

So Mr. Brown came to help them find out what was causing this problem on their farms so that they could fix it so that they would have enough food for everybody in the village for themselves as well as for sale so that everyone would have enough money.

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Is Things Fall Apart Book PDF Free Download?

Yes,you can download Things Fall Apart Book PDF for free in this website.

What is the best website to download Things Fall Apart Book PDF?

You can download this book from our website free and read online or offline.

Is Things Fall Apart available as an Audiobook?

Yes! You can listen to Things Fall Apart on YouTube or Audible. The Audiobook is narrated by Richard Thomas and runs for approximately 10 hours and 19 minutes long.

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